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Press release about Photon International 2011/01/21

We, Tapollop Technology, is the professional PV connector & junction box manufacture in Taiwan, and our PV connector products—Model ID: TPCB-4 has an outstanding performance, according to The Solar Power Magazine –Photon International, which dedicates that the product TPCB-4 is no problems were discovered during the test probe or insulation test. Moreover, the contact resistance is 0.56mΩ at a rated current of 25A. After five connection cycles, resistance decreased. After 100 cycles, she stands at 0.62mΩ as well. The contact resistance of Tapollop’s connector remained stable performance as same as well-known brand name in the world wide... Also, she’s waterproof degree achieves IP68, which was outstanding from other PV connector products in the current PV field connector market. We are in the top of middle Class C which many other companies, over 70%, never achieved.