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Photovoltaic System Revolution 2011/01/21

TAPOLLOP is the first professional PV junction box & connector company with TUV certification in Taiwan. In 2010, Taiwan’s PV module export output got global ranking no. 2, however, the PV related industrial base are quite weak. TAPOLLOP lead our team made an effort to research and develop different type JBs & PV connectors throughout two years, foot by foot, we enter into the local and international market. At present, our products have been adapted by many thin-film PV module manufactures and single & multi-crystalline silicon PV module manufactures. Moreover, this year, we have a good partnership with module manufactures and system integrators for testing new-generation installation, to strengthen system efficiency and boost a variety of intellectual and functional solar system. Our PV connector products have been examined by Photon International Magazine for performance test. Their quality is outstanding as same as famous companies’ products in this filed, and even higher than some other famed brand name products. (For more information, please see our E-paper.)

PV systems usually have a key problem of power loss which is due to mismatch between PV modules, shading effect, aging, etc. These factors can lead to a critical power reduction in PV array power systems. Tapollop’s Smart Power Box (SPB) can improve those problems above and harvest up to 30% more power from each PV module. The other Tapollop’s revolutionary product, Smart Charger Box (SCB) which is integrated power optimization with charger management technology is designed for thin film PV module. SCB allows PV module is operated at the optimal state for charging battery, and its “Smart” algorithm will charge quickly and safely.

SPB and SCB can increase the performance of PV system and more importantly, improve the return on investment (ROI) for an owner of PV array power system. Further more information about Tapollop’s SPB, welcome to visit us in booth number E47-29 Taiwan Pavilion, PV EXPO 2011 Japan, March 2-4, 2011.