SPB-G1-350 Smart Power Box

        Optimize the power output of PV integration systems
        Extend power generating of PV integration systems
        Reduce power loss in mismatch or shading condition
        Increase return on investment, R.O.I., of PV integration systems
General Parameter
MaximumInputVoltage:50 Vdc
MPPTOperatingRange:14~50 Vdc
MaximumInputCurrent:10 Adc
RatedInputDCPower:350 W
Enclosure & Environmental
Dimensions [ L*W*D]:220*125*55 mm
Protection class:IP67 Outdoor Use
Operating temperature:-40~65℃
Humidity:0~100 %
Cooling:Natural Convection
MaximumOutputCurrent:10 Adc
OperatingOutputVoltage:14~60 Vdc
Function & Feature
Maximum power point tracker:Yes
RF communication:optional
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