PV module assembly parts get the TÜV、UL certification, to establish brand image.
  1. Quality: to have international TÜV、UL and Taiwan ISO certification, and build the PV lab with strict QC system.

  2. Quantity: focus on all PV JB and connector products. In fact, most of junction box manufacturers have their market segmentation, therefore; low-profit but high-quantity is our strategy.

  3. Cooperation: we got cooperation with plastics and cables manufactures in a raw material way.

We dedicate ourselves to exploring multi-side material suppliers and build the
good partnership with module manufactures and solar system integrators.
  1. To create PV module value and to explore technology field.

  2. To establish more sales branch and make OEM system, carry out “low-cost but high-quality” strategy.

  3. To research and develop more PV related electric products.

We make an effort to develop PV electric products and enlarge the production line, and assist our module manufactures and PV system integrators from upper stream to lower stream to build a complete and competitive supply chain.
  1. To integrate the plastic and electronic development, and provide any future standard products, electrics transmission & protection, and signal-manipulate products which solar module system needs.

  2. With strategic partner, to develop an integrating PV industry.

  3. Capital evaluation and IPO preparation.

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